Young and Diverse MBEs in Today's Tech Space – Peter Vazquez

One thing that today’s young entrepreneurs may understand more than any other generation is the power of communication. Connecting with the customer base is a major key to success. Companies have to know how to connect, including knowing what communication channels to take advantage of. This is something that Peter Vazquez understands; especially since he is the CEO of Brand Echo Media Solutions—a company that helps others do exactly that. A veteran and active community member, Vazquez heads up a company that “creates strategies and implements data acquisition processes in order to develop effective marketing cpete-vampaigns using both web and mobile technologies that result in clients achieving a much higher return on their investment.” The marketplace is constantly changing, and Brand Echo wants to help its clients tackle it every step of the way.

Vazquez himself has a background and skills in business, design, marketing, and more specifically, Internet marketing. Equipped with such expertise and experience, Vazquez and his team at Brand Echo “excel in developing actionable market research, establishing brand recognition through social media awareness and viral marketing strategies, and integrating a variety of comprehensive SEO and content marketing techniques for [businesses of any size].”

Brand Echo, however, is not the only thing that Vazquez has on his plate these days. His latest project comes in the form of a startup called MyVIPClubs. As millennials—a generation used to instant gratification and results—become a large part of the consumer base in the restaurant and entertainment industries, MyVIPClubs seeks to be a part of that action. The company provides a membership program and mobile application that connects patrons to restaurant and venue owners in order to provide “Hospitality Reinvented.” The application is currently available for download on both Android and iOS systems.

The MBDA is excited to have played even a small part in Vazquez’s success and is eager to see what he has in store for the future.

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Silvia A. Mansoor


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